Where to Find the Best Female Shoes Online

There are several online platforms where you can find shoes online. These online platforms range from the Facebook buy and sell groups to dedicated online shopping platforms. Though I do not fully discredit other online selling groups I have a positive inclination to Jumia shopping platform.

There are several reasons which make me believe that Jumia is the best online platform for you to buy your next pair of shoes. My main top reasons include:

  1. You get value for your money. Jumia items are of high quality and so you are confident that you will get the right quality and that it will not be an imitation.
  2. Home/Office Delivery- Jumia products are delivered at your doorstep unless you specify otherwise during check-out.
  3. Variety- Jumia has a variety of female shoes from which you can choose from. You can get both office shoes and at the same time casual-wear shoes in their online shop.


Why I have no much trust over other online shoes

While I will not say explicitly that other online platforms do not offer quality female shoes, I must say that I have my own reservations. Several reasons why I do not opt for such online shops include;

  1. Quality issues- It is true that you will get a nice looking shoe from these shops but are you sure the item will last for quite a while. I have seen some of my friends taking their shoes to the Fundi one week after purchase. This indicates that such shoes were not of the right quality.
  2. Conmen and con ladies-Some of the people who sell items online are not always genuine. Be careful, especially with those salespeople who insist that you pay for the item before delivery. Even if you have dealt with them before, I still insist that you be careful or soon you will add to the statistics of those who have been conned online.
  3. Professionalism- Some of the people running these online shops are actually individuals and you might even be surprised to find out that their businesses are not registered and some even do not have a physical location. So tell me, how will you ever trace them in an event that there is a defect with the item which you ordered from them?

The only other online shop which I have confidence with is the Kiilmall shop. Their services almost match those of Jumia if not better.

So why not click on this link today and shop with Jumia or click here to go to Kiilmall and find your next Lady shoes.

Remember to always indicate the price when you are adding the items to the Cart. If they don’t fit you on delivery you can always reject the delivery and make no payment. Thus there is no risk involved.


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