I want to buy a smartphone but can I get a legit one without much hustle?

I must say that the Smartphone business, especially in Kenya, is full of cons and what I love to call ‘half-cons’. These are sellers in the smartphone business who make a lot of praises over the gadget they are selling to you but later on, you discover that they were lying to you. A sense of betrayal creeps into your nerves after discovering that you bought a fake smartphone but since there is nothing which you can do with it you decide to live with the consequences.

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I was a victim of the same. Sometime back I went to buy a phone in one of the shops in Nairobi for my M-pesa business. I stopped at a shop along Tom Mboya Street and identified a smartphone of my interest. The saleslady there assured me that the phone was legit and original. After doing a little bargain-the norm of most Kenyans- we settled on the price then the phone was returned into its original box. After around 2 weeks of usage, I discovered that the phone was an imitation, the battery could not retain the power for more than 12 hours and added to this, the earpiece and the mouthpiece were also defective. I felt conned and betrayed by this saleslady. Perhaps you share a similar story with this.

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But over time I have learned to be more cautious when purchasing electronics. I must say that it is difficult to identify a legit phone from a fake one. This is because most of these business people first refurbish these devices, removing all the scratches and any other sign of wear and tear. Thus it becomes increasingly difficult to identify an original phone.

So now you want to buy a smartphone but can you get a legit one? Is it possible to get a smartphone worth the value of your money? Yes but on condition that you shop in the right places.

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Over time I have come to trust two online shops where you can easily shop for your smartphone and be fully assured that it is legit and original. These are Jumia and Kiilmall. The rest of these online and other physical shops am yet to deal with them and verify the quality of their devices.

The good thing about these two online shops is that you do not need to go wherever they are located. Instead, you shop using your smartphone from the comfort of your home or office. Deliveries are also done countrywide with just a small and reasonable shipping fee. Besides that, most of these smartphones come with at least one year warranty so you are sure that they are original and legit. Why don’t you try them today and let me know through the comment box below your experience with them?

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