What Should you Look for When Buying a Smartphone?

It is challenging to make a decision on the kind of smartphone you want to buy when presented with a variety of them. You will usually wonder which model to buy and whether you will buy it based on the looks or the performance. The challenge is that the performance of a handset cannot be tested within such a short time. Some malfunctions of the phone usually reveal themselves later, when it is too late to return the phone since the warranty will have expired.

So what should you consider when buying a new phone? Here I have simplified the list for you. Use this checklist and you will never regret.

  1. The price- The price is the first consideration which you must make. Does the phone price match its features? A low price should not give you a green light to go ahead and buy the phone. Some cheap phones are imitations and not the original makes. So take care. A smartphone catalog which gives very attractive features but with quite a low price should be a cause for alarm. So take care and shop wisely.
  2. The size. Does the size look okay for you? Is it too large that it cannot fit in your handbag or pocket? Is it too small such that scrolling and selecting various menu items on the screen is difficult? Choose the most comfortable size for yourself.
  3. The look of the phone. Does it look attractive to you? Does the color suit your tastes? Is it sleek or its look just bores you? Consider this but don’t make it the only consideration.
  4. The screen resolution- Resolutions of about 500 pixels density should be considered. Lower resolutions give low viewing quality, especially when viewing videos on the phone.
  5. The camera- If you like taking pictures you must take this feature seriously. Camera size is usually described in pixels. A good camera should have at least 8MP. Lower pixel level usually produces a blurred image especially when the image is viewed on a larger screen. If the camera has added features such as touch focus and face detection abilities, then give it a plus.
  6. Warranty- A warranty proves that the manufacturers are sure of their product performance. Smartphones which have no warranty should raise an eyebrow. Prefer those with a warranty than those which do not.
  7. The size of the internal memory- The internal memory is the virtual space inside the phone where different files are stored. It is measured in bytes, thus a phone with 2GB internal space means that it can store up to 2 billion bytes of data. A bigger memory is better. If you plan to store many files on the phone consider smartphones with bigger memories.
  8. The company- Consider a company which has a track record of making excellent smartphones. This is because such products are usually fully tested and made with state-of-art equipment to ensure longevity and performance.
  9. Its internet capability- You should also consider the internet speed connectivity of the smartphone. Can the phone support LTE, HSPA or it just supports the GSM technology? Nowadays 4G network coverage is increasing and thus choosing a gadget which is a 4G-enabled is a wise move as it will increase the speed of internet connectivity.
  10. The microprocessor speed- High processor speed will increase the gadget’s performance and reduce hanging tendencies.
  11. Battery- The battery life is measured in mAH. Nobody wants to keep on charging the phone every other one or two hours. So consider the number of hours the battery can power the gadget.
  12. Type of operating system- The two most common operating systems are Android from Google and Windows from Microsoft Company. The operating system will define the kind of apps that can be supported by your phone, so choose wisely.

Having captured the crucial factors to consider while ordering for a smartphone, now the ball is in your court. Use the above criteria to get yourself a smartphone from online stores around you. You can as well click this link to go to Jumia online shop and get yourself a smartphone.

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