How to take Advantage of Jumia Crazy Offers?

You must have heard of the different crazy Jumia deals especially on electronics which some of your friends have benefited from. So I did my research and here I have compiled several must-dos to see to it that those deals do not just pass you by. I will give out this information for free, my only request is that you share this post to spread the love… Of course, you will do the sharing after you read it, not at this point.

So you have that spare cash with you and you will want to grab a smartphone or any other stylish gadget online but, you really want to get more value for your hard-earned cash. You could as well be that guy who has won a good cash from betting after the odds played in your favor. Or as the men of the cloth say, favor has located you and you have several thousand Kenyan leaves with you. So you want to get a good smartphone at a ridiculously reduced price and still get the benefits of quality. So how do you go about it?

One sure way of risking your money is boarding a Matatu, going to CBD with the intention of window shopping and eventually buying the gadget in the normal places…You know the places where these gadgets are stocked… Stalls along Luthuli Avenue, Tom Mboya Street or along Moi Avenue. I can assure you, you will get convinced by those skilled salespeople and you will likely buy a second-hand phone and pay the price of a new one. If you are luckier, you will get an original phone but at a higher price than the regular price. So why not buy genuine phones from Jumia and benefit more from their frequent offers?

So this is what you are supposed to do to benefit from Jumia Offers:

  1. Go to their website and subscribe through their email system to get new offer notifications.
  2. Browse through their Smartphone category. Note any phone with two price tags, the regular price, and the selling price. The regular price is the normal price of that Device and is usually canceled and replaced with a lower price, that is the selling price. Such prices are usually offers and the offer runs for a specific period of time after which the product will be reassigned its regular price.
  3. Midnight offers- I have realized that Jumia nowadays throws offers with very short offer period especially at midnight or sometime before or after. Why don’t you try your luck at such a time?
  4. Friday offers-Jumia also in most cases has Friday offers so you can as well check them out during these times to see if there is any offer around.
  5. Holiday and special day offers-These offers are run during holidays such as National holidays and religious holidays. These offers may be found during Easter periods, Islamic Holidays and also during the Christmas Holiday season. If you are patient enough then you can keep your money and wait for such or just shop right away to stop the ‘money flying out of your pockets into other needs’ as many Kenyans put it.
  6. Regularly check your email feeds from Jumia- Jumia usually sends product offers through email and thus there is no use of subscribing to their emails if you will not be checking your email feed regularly for the new offers.

Click here to start shopping right away from Jumia website and take advantage of any current or looming offers.

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