How to Successfully Purchase the Right Shoes on Jumia Online Shopping Platform

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Of late more and more people are finding it more convenient to shop online than to do walk-in shopping. This is owed to the fact that online shopping, in most cases, is accompanied by doorstep delivery which adds to the convenience of most buyers.

Shopping for such items like smartphones and other electronic devices is no big challenge since you can always evaluate most of the features from the specifications. This is not so when it comes to clothing and shoes. This is because these items have sizes and thus they may not fit you. Another challenge is color, material, and even the texture of the apparel or footwear which you are buying. Some of these qualities cannot be felt online. You have to have the item with you to feel its texture. So how do you go about it?

Here I have listed several steps which you can follow to make sure that you purchase the right shoe item from Jumia or any other online shop.

  1. Once you are in Jumia shop select shoes or just enter shoes in the search product field and search.
  2. The next interface will list several shoes of various sizes and color.
  3. Remember to specify the type of shoes you are looking for. The various types listed on their website include; casual wear, Heels, Sports etc. Just be sure to select the right type of shoes for yourself.
  4. Then go ahead and select the shoe size range….I assume you know your shoe size! Then wait for the next page to load. Usually, it doesn’t take long unless you are using a ‘Kadunde’ to browse the internet….On a light not though!

  1. After that select the color and then wait for the next page to load.
  2. You can even narrow the search further by selecting the brand and the price you would wish to pay to get shoes within that price range.
  3. Hover on the shoe image of your size and you will see a ‘Buy Now’ option. Select buy now and check out unless you have extra shopping to do.
  4. The next interface will require you to enter your details for purposes of delivery. Make sure among other things you enter the right phone number for purposes of being contacted by the delivery agent.
  5. Upon delivery, if the shoes do not fit you, just reject the offer and do not pay. Thus I can confidently say that there are no risks with Jumia.

Having covered those steps, now it’s your turn to do shopping. Click here to explore and shop for your next stylish male shoes from Jumia or click here to shop for female shoes.

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