How Kenyans are Doing their Shopping… Don’t be left Behind!

Technology has affected almost every area of our living. From the way we communicate to the way we make our payments, technology has been a key factor. This technological evolution has eased so many areas of our lives and created faster ways of doing things. One area which technology has left its biggest footprint is on the modes of shopping.

Before the advent of technology, the only way of doing shopping and purchases was through visiting a shopping mall or a stall, what we call a ‘duka’ and doing the shopping there. While these ‘Dukas’ cannot completely be replaced especially when it comes to low-priced and immediate household items such as Unga and sugar, they become less irrelevant when high-priced items such as electronics and furniture are concerned.

Before the dawn of online shopping, most Kenyans used to purchase their items from different vendors but it came with a great risk. Most of the time, it would be discovered that they were sold a lower quality item than that which had been described. Besides that, most of these items would not come with a warranty making it difficult to return these items once one found out that they were defective.

These same challenges of buying fake items, especially electronics do still occur in online shopping. But over time two online shops have come out to be quite reliable when it comes to online shopping. These two online shops include Jumia Online Store and Kiilmal. With these, you are most assured that you will get value for your money. At the same time, their products are legit and most of them come with a warranty.

The three main reasons why I love Jumia and Kiilmall is that they not only enable you to shop online but also deliver the product at your doorstep. At the same time, once you subscribe to their new offer emails, you will also get an alert whenever they have an offer and thus you can get an advantage by purchasing a quality item at a reduced price.

So the next time you are thinking on buying a quality item either a piece of furniture for your house or an electronic item such as a TV or a Smartphone try these two and you will never be disappointed.

Now that you know you can as well click here to go to Jumia and explore some of the items on sale. See that you are not left behind! Happy online shopping!



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