How can you Achieve the Desired Body Weight?

Before and after weight loss

Weight management is the maintenance of your body weight within desired ranges. For instance, your desire could be to keep your weight between 60KG to 68Kg. How you achieve this is what is called weight management. In most cases, this body weight is achieved through deliberate lifestyle changes which include the taking of the right diet and regular exercise.

What causes overweight among people?

There are many factors which interact in your body to cause obesity. These range from genetics to environmental causes. Other factors which cause overweight such as eating habits can be controlled but these need practice and discipline and sometimes these may not work in all people especially if the excess weight is due to genetics.

Interestingly, most of the people who are overweight struggle with weight management but in most cases, they do not achieve their desired weight. This is because of the many

factors which lead to overweight and an individual may not be very well positioned to track and balance all these different factors.

Most overweight people are not comfortable with their appearance. Overweight people are characterized by such features such a protruding tummy and a sagging body skin due to the accumulation of fats below the skin. Such appearance makes these people psychologically uncomfortable. They have a high sense of self-awareness and sometimes may even think that someone is watching them as they walk around yet none is concerned. These psychological complications increase their stress level which may even lead to further weight gain.

There are also health effects associated with overweight. Research shows that overweight people are more likely to suffer from heart-related diseases than the people with normal body weight. Other diseases associated with obesity include Diabetes, certain types of cancer and heart strokes which may lead to an untimely death.

But after all this is said how can you personally manage your own weight and make sure that you do not accumulate that high level of fats in your body? Is there a long-term solution to the weight loss challenge? Perhaps you could be that person who has tried all sorts of gimmicks to help you reduce weight. Some people even go to the extreme of deliberate starvation in a bid to reduce weight. Others in an attempt to reduce their stomach fats and achieve a flat tummy have even got themselves conned and spend their money on non-solutions.

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